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Co-Ordination & Massage For Dyslexia, Learning, & Concentration
Co-Ordination & Massage For Dyslexia, Learning, & Concentration


This is a 12 week programme suitable for chidren aged 5+.Each learning difference/difficulty listed shares common symptoms which commonly appear as poor physical co-ordination, poor visual processing skills and anxiousness.

This Swedish developed treatment programme is designed to address the following areas. Through a special series of exercises improvements are possible in the Gross and Fine Motor skills, Ocular-motor/eye tracking and Hand to eye co-ordination. Massage therapy and acupressure are also involved in this treatment to improve development of the nervous system and reduce muscle tension and anxiousness.

The aim is to strengthen the person’s connections between their brain and their body, to improve inner strength and will power and as a result enable one to cope with the difficulties of everyday life.